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Bean There, Drunk That: A Coffee Lover’s Bucket List

This coffee lover’s bucket list is tailored for those of us whose blood type is Coffee+, and for whom the phrase “too much coffee” is personal affront. Whether you’re a seasoned bean connoisseur or just dipping your toes into the vast ocean of coffee culture, this list promises adventures that’ll make your heart race—partly from excitement and partly from caffeine.

Attend a Barista Workshop: Unleash Your Inner Coffee Wizard

First up, why not learn to craft your own magic potion? Barista workshops aren’t just for professionals. They’re where coffee lovers transform into coffee creators. Picture this: you, wielding a portafilter like Excalibur, conquering the steamed milk to create the perfect froth. It’s not just about making coffee; it’s about becoming one with the coffee. Plus, you get to wear that cool apron and pretend you’re in a very specialized episode of “MasterChef.”

coffee terraces in Ethiopia
Photo from Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Sip Coffee in Its Birthplace: Ethiopia

Every coffee lover’s pilgrimage should include a journey to the very cradle of coffee, Ethiopia. Here, you’ll experience coffee in its most authentic form, partaking in a traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony. It’s a spiritual experience that involves roasting beans, grinding them with a mortar and pestle, and brewing in a clay pot known as a jebena. Warning: after this, your regular coffee runs might feel a bit less…sacred.

Taste the World’s Most Expensive Coffee: Kopi Luwak

For those who love coffee and also enjoy telling wild stories, tasting Kopi Luwak is a must. Yes, this is the famed coffee that’s been through the digestive system of a civet. It’s bizarre, it’s controversial, but it’s undeniably a unique bucket list item. You can even get it on Amazon. Just maybe don’t think too hard about the process while you’re sipping on it.

Experience a Zero-Gravity Coffee

Space tourism isn’t widely available yet, but dreaming is free, right? Imagine floating in zero gravity, sipping on a specially designed espresso from a cup that looks more like a science experiment. It’s the ultimate way to prove your love for coffee transcends earthly bounds. Until then, jumping with your coffee without a lid might offer a poor man’s simulation, or maybe try Virgin’s Change Plus Coffee.

Join a Coffee Cupping Session

Coffee cupping is like wine tasting, but for coffee, and without the pretentious spitting. It’s a chance to slurp various brews loudly (yes, slurping is encouraged) and discuss tasting notes, from “hints of citrus” to “subtle notes of chocolate” with fellow coffee enthusiasts. It’s the perfect way to refine your palate, or at least pretend to while enjoying an array of fantastic coffees. Coffee Culture has some options!

Brew Coffee Using All Major Methods

Challenge yourself to master every major coffee brewing method: espresso, French press, pour-over, AeroPress, vacuum, cold brew, and Turkish. It’s the coffee lover’s decathlon. Each method offers a different taste and experience. By the end, you’ll not only have a favorite method but probably also a very jittery disposition.

Visit a Coffee Farm

To truly appreciate your morning cup, you need to see where coffee comes from. A visit to a coffee farm, ideally in one of the world’s renowned coffee belts, offers insights into the hard work and love that goes into every bean. Plus, you can’t get fresher beans than the ones you’ve picked yourself, assuming the farm lets you near the crops with your overly eager, caffeine-fueled enthusiasm. Will you trek to Latin America, Africa, Asia, or Hawaii. Kona is my personal favorite!

Invent Your Own Signature Coffee Drink

Why leave the fame and glory to the pumpkin spice latte? Invent your own signature coffee drink that captures your personality and palate. Whether it’s incorporating unconventional spices, blending in homemade syrups, or even daring to mix coffee with unexpected ingredients (avocado coffee, anyone?), make it uniquely yours. Who knows? Your local coffee shop might just name it after you.

Attend the World Barista Championship

Witness the Olympics of the coffee world by attending the World Barista Championship. It’s a place where coffee meets artistry and innovation. You’ll see the best baristas from around the globe showcasing their skills, creativity, and passion for coffee. It’s inspiring, it’s intense, and it’s a great way to meet fellow coffee zealots. The 2024 championship will be in Busan, South Korea, May 1-4.

Host a Coffee-Themed Party

Finally, why not share your love for coffee with friends and family by hosting a coffee-themed party? Think coffee tasting, paired with perfect pastries, coffee-based cocktails, and barista battles in your kitchen. A coffee backdrop would make a perfect photo spot to post and share all the fun. It’s a fantastic way to spread the coffee love and maybe even convert a few tea drinkers to the dark (roast) side.

Embarking on these coffee-centric adventures guarantees not just an elevation in your coffee knowledge and experience but also a journey filled with fun, laughter, and probably a bit more caffeine than is strictly advisable. Whether you’re savoring the world’s most expensive brew or inventing the next big coffee trend, remember: it’s not just about the coffee; it’s about the joy and the journey it brings. So, here’s to many more cups, countless adventures, and the universal quest for the perfect brew. Bean there, drunk that, and ready for more.

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