About Us

We like all things coffee, and especially the way that coffee gives us access to other things, like the simple pleasures of sharing a morning ritual, or meeting people in a local coffee shop on the other side of the globe. While we have our own very specific preferences for coffee, we’re not coffee snobs! This amazing beverage has been enjoyed for at least hundreds of years in all kinds of different ways. The best coffee is YOUR favorite. Whether made with the most expensive supplies and equipment available, or the coffee maker on sale at Walmart, we think everyone should enjoy coffee their way. So we write about it all!

Ellie Chaumette

Ellie loves traveling, especially to explore food and coffee! She prefers lattes with good, strong espresso. The coffee station at home is her creation, as is the backyard salsa garden!

Dean Chaumette

Dean’s love of coffee began when he met Ellie at the coffee stand outside the London NGO where they were both interns. He likes a dark fresh ground coffee steeped in a French Press – with just a bit of sugar. He doesn’t need a coffee station, but he does love salsa.

Bruce Kinard

Bruce is the newest member of the team! He starts every day with an Americano in the kitchen where his grandparents used to start their day. He also loves the locally owned coffee shop downtown! He’s excited to use his background in technical writing to share his love of coffee.