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Shopping for a commercial or prosumer espresso machine is stressful. It’s an expensive, big-ticket item that will be the focal point of your kitchen or cafe. You want to choose wisely. One tip? Check out the espresso makers being embraced by top baristas. That’s the claim to fame of the Dalla Corte Mina, a personal favorite of barista champion Fabrizio Sención.

I had a short time to test the Mina, so I focused on the shortcomings, figuring it wouldn’t have that many. And I was right, as much as I was wrong. I thought it might be easier to start the review with a list of what the Dalla Corte Mina can’t do. But that list is so short that it wouldn’t make sense to form a review around it.

The Mina is an advanced double-boiler espresso machine sporting some tech you won’t find anywhere else. Learn all about it and what it could mean for your espresso in this review.

Summary: Dalla Corte Mina

  • Double boiler espresso machine with digital flow profiling
  • Smart machine can be operated manually or via an app
  • Handmade in Italy to high standards

As we chase the “perfection of minutiae,” this machine gives the barista near-limitless flexibility to bend coffee in ways that could previously only be imagined.

– Owner Review

A Full Review of the Dalla Corte Mina Espresso Machine

The Dalla Corte Mina is a commercial dual boiler espresso machine – and one of the most exciting new releases of the last decade. There is little this machine can’t do and few user groups it won’t benefit.

It’s super useful for roasters, for skilled baristas, but also for home users who want to improve their extraction.

The high price tag and limited brand recognition in the US have kept the Mina from the widespread success it deserves. But with the launch of Dalla Corte USA in 2022, I expect that will change (1). So here’s everything you need to know to decide if the Mina is right for you.

How We Rated It

  • Brewing Capacity
  • User-Friendliness
  • Milk Frothing
  • Build Quality
  • Cleaning and Maintenance

Dalla Corte Mina

Brewing Capacity – 4.5/5

If there’s a particular feature you’re looking for in an espresso machine, chances are you’ll find it here. The Dalla has it all. So, let’s break them down.

Multi-Boiler Technology

The Mina is a dual boiler espresso machine, and both boilers are completely independent. You can brew and steam simultaneously, but that’s not all. Each can be powered on individually and has a PID temperature control, precise to 1/10 ℃. 

If you’re not steaming milk, the brew boiler is ready to pull a shot in just six minutes! That heat-up time is so unheard of in commercial machines, I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t tested it myself. Not only is it a time saver when you’re not making milky drinks, it’s great for energy efficiency. That said, the quick heat-up is facilitated by the relatively small 0.5 L brass boiler, so you’re limited in the number of shots you can pull consecutively before it needs to refill.

The 3 L steam boiler is also independent. It’s harder to think of a context in which you’d only want to steam, but maybe making something like a tea latte.

Flow Profiling

The main selling point of the Mina is its flow profiling, which outperforms most others in its class. The only machine offering a comparable degree of control is the Decent DE1. Flow control has surged in popularity recently as a way to optimize espresso extraction and unlock new flavors in a particular coffee (2).

Dalla Corte’s patented Digital Flow Regulator (DFR) lets you set the precise water flow in grams per second for five stages during extraction. 

The custom flow meter valve is modulated with a precision of 0.01 mm, and pre-infusion can start from 0 bar (3). This is all controled via the Dalla Corte Mina App, which we’ll discuss below.

The pressure profile can also be controlled manually using the group-mounted yoke and pressure gauge. Five lights guide you through the stages of extraction. As someone who loves technology but loves the feel of pulling an espresso shot, I appreciate that the Mina provides both options. The app is great for efficiency in a busy cafe, whereas at home or in the roasting lab, it’s satisfying to be more hands-on with the manual lever.

What’s The Deal With That 54mm Portafilter?

That was my first question when I encountered this machine. I associate 54-mm portafilters with cheap home machines from the likes of Breville. Pro espresso machines for coffee shops are almost all 58 mm.

Dalla Corte didn’t make this decision lightly. Because the basket is narrower, the same dose of ground coffee makes a taller stack. They claim this slows water flow and lengthens pre-infusion, improving espresso flavor. But if you prefer the standard 58 mm, which certainly makes it easier to buy accessories, a  58-mm conversion kit is available by popular demand.

User-Friendliness – 4.5/5

It’s interesting how, in many modern espresso makers, the programming of an app has a bigger impact on ease of use than the layout of the machine. But I digress. Let’s talk about how that plays out with the Mina.

Dalla Corte Mina’s App

You can operate the Mina in manual mode, but the app makes it easy to access its many features without getting overwhelmed. You can set automatic dosing with extraction profiles, choosing different flow rates for the five stages, then name and save them for future use. Once you nail the perfect shot with a new coffee, you don’t have to worry about your ability to repeat it. The Mina remembers.

Original versions of the app were sluggish and difficult to navigate, but those issues seem to have been addressed in the last few years. When I tried it, it was fluid and straightforward. 

Along with programming the extraction, the app can set and report boiler temperatures, run cleaning cycles, and act as a shot timer. The app runs the Milk Control System (MCS), setting a precise steamed milk temperature. You can also use the app’s Grind Control System (GCS) to tether a Dalla Corte smart grinder to the MIna. The grinder will automatically recalibrate the grind size to maintain consistent results. 

For the home barista, it’s all a bit much, but this level of automation can pay dividends in a busy cafe.

Cafe owners might wonder if the Mina is available as a multi-group machine. It is not, but Dalla Corte offers a more elegant solution: buy two or three Minas. Their cubical design was conceived with this in mind. They can be linked via the app to act like a multi-group machine but with more flexibility. Each can be tailored to a specific coffee with precise flow profiles and temperatures.

The Importance of Community

A benefit of smart devices is the community that forms around them. Looking at Decent Espresso or the Mina Smart Coffee Maker, you’ll find that users share recipes, programming hacks, and advice – adding considerable value to the gear. So far, this isn’t happening with the Mina, as it just doesn’t have a large enough user base. I’d love to see that change as it grows in popularity.

Dalla Corte Mina Price

It’s time to address the elephant in the room. All that technology comes at a price. The Mina costs about $7500, depending on sale pricing and options. That is in the upper bracket for home machines, but it’s not crazy. It’s similar to the La Marzocco GS3 and substantially less than the Slayer Single Group. For a cafe owner, buying two for $15,000 and linking them together isn’t excessive compared to many two-group machines.

Dalla Corte Mina Vs GS3

I’m often asked to compare the Mina and the GS3 due to their similar price and functionality. The Mina outperforms the GS3 in most ways. The flow control of the GS3 is only manual, so there is no way to achieve the precision or efficiency of the Mina’s digital flow regulation. 

The selling point of the GS3 (besides the La Marzocco brand name) is its larger 1.5 L brew boiler, which can pull more back-to-back shots. But that also means a longer heat-up time, more energy use, and a bigger machine footprint.

Milk Frothing – 5/5

The Mina comes standard with a professional steam wand with a 3-hole tip, and you can add the Milk Control System for a higher price. I appreciate that you don’t need to choose one of the other. The Milk System – essentially a highly advanced auto-frother – doesn’t replace the steam wand; it complements it. With the Mina’s massive 3L steam boiler, you have enough power to use both simultaneously.

The MCS uses a steam wand with a special curved design that creates a nice whirlpool in the frothing pitcher as it sits on the drip tray – no need for the barista to hold it at the right angle. Set the milk temperature using the app, and press start. A built-in temperature probe stops it automatically. Perfect microfoam for latte art at the push of a button. 

Build Quality – 4.5/5

Every Mina is handmade in Italy by skilled craftsmen, and the quality is outstanding. You can take a microscope to one of these machines and not find a thing out of place. They are NSF certified for commercial use.

The Mina is a relatively small machine, especially for a commercial model, measuring 15” deep by 15” wide by 16” tall. This compact and cubical design makes it a versatile choice. The Mina is popular with roasters, coffee shops, and home users.

The Mina has an attractive modern design that is completely customizable. The exterior panels can easily be swapped, and you can choose from various finishes – metal, glass, wood, etc. 

I will say that the drip tray feels a bit cheap and flimsy. This is a common area for manufacturers to skimp because it doesn’t affect the brew. But it stands out on such an overall premium machine.

Cleaning and Maintenance – 4/5

Commercial-quality espresso machines require regular care and attention, especially if they’re heavily used. But the Mina is one of the easiest to manage; once again, Dalla Corte’s commitment to technology pays off.

The Mina doesn’t have a water tank, relying instead on direct plumbing. This eliminates the need to constantly refill the tank, though it will impact where you can put it in your home. For cleaning, the automatic backflushing program requires no barista input. Set it, and forget it. The boilers are easy to drain for storage or shipping.

The app tracks all the important data, machine parameters, and usage stats that cafe owners once did by hand. You can easily look up the volume of milk steamed in a day or total shots pulled since you opened up shop.

The exterior panels are easy to remove, and that’s not just to switch up the aesthetics. They provide quick access to any internal components needing repair or replacement.

What We Liked:

  • Digital flow regulation for incredible consistency
  • Optional milk system add-on
  • Can be used manually or with an app
  • Automatic backflushing

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Expensive
  • Less impressive without the app
  • Still too new to have a community of users

Dalla Corte Competitors

Check out how this machine stacks against others in the similar range in the table below.

Dalla Corte Mina
La Marzocco GS3 MP
Slayer Single Group
Lelit Bianca
Faema E61

Prosumer automatic espresso machine

Prosumer automatic espresso machine

Prosumer automatic espresso machine

Prosumer semi-automatic espresso machine

Prosumer semi-automatic espresso machine

Brew, steam, flow control

Brew, steam, flow control

Dual brew/steam, flow control

20 minutes (6 minutes brew only)

15.2” x 16.1” x 15.2”

19.1” x 15.8” x 11.4”

21.3” x 22.2” x 21.9”

2 years (home)      1 year (commercial)

Don’t Buy The Dalla Corte Mina If…

  • You want something more home-focused: Serious home baristas might consider the Mina, but it’s marketed more to cafes, caterers, and roasters. If you’re looking for a domestic model from the brand, check out the Dalla Corte Studio, a high-tech double boiler with a compact footprint. Or if you’re sold on flow control, the Lelit Bianca offers amazing value for money.
  • You want a multi-group machine: If you run a busy coffee shop where a single grouphead won’t cut it, and you don’t want to link multiple Minas, consider the Slayer with 2 or 3 groups. It’s not cheap, but it’s gorgeous and high-performance (4). There’s a reason we called it the “Lamborghini of espresso machines.”
  • You don’t want to work with an app: You can use the Mina without the app, but then you’re really not getting your money’s worth. If you prefer to keep it old school in your home or cafe, check out the retro-style Faema E61. It has the stunning aesthetics of the 1961 original but packs enough tech to thrive in a modern cafe – no smartphone required.

The Verdict

The Dalla Corte Mina is an undeniably excellent espresso machine. Its flow rate control technology alone sets it apart from anything else in the market. The multi-boiler design, milk control system, high-quality build, and attractive modular design are all just icing on the cake. 

I never expected to write a review saying I was surprised a machine cost “only” $7500, but here we are. The Mina offers great value for money and would make a fine addition to a cafe, catering cart, or impressive home espresso bar. Your favorite coffee will thank you.

Dalla Corte Mina


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